About Boob Jigs

I am often asked - How in the heck did you come up with BoobJigs?

I don’t remember the exact moment but do remember when our conversations escalated and my wife and I decided to go about prototyping. We were sitting at our favorite Sports Bar (Lucky's 13) Pub in Mendota having a few beers with friends. Somehow we got into a conversation about how alcohol and sex are prevalent in  marketing campaigns. One thing led to another and as we started talking about fishing, the topic came up again and I offered up the question. Why are there no products that do such a thing in fishing? Why are there no jigs that look like boobs? Why are there no BoobJigs?

My wife noted that out of all the crazy ideas we have drawn up on napkins, this one might actually work. All concurred and the drawings began.  Drawings were limited that evening as everyone had more fun coming up with product and company names and additional products we could market. However, the next day I was convinced I was on to something as was my wife.

We secured domain names and began trying to figure out how to make a prototype. We started with Do It Molds and bought our own melting pot. Having never made my own lures before, we experimented with different hooks and molds but could never get anything close with the equipment we bought. I then visited a hobby store and found some rubber molding equipment and molding clay. When home, I modeled some clay breasts and glued to a board.  I mixed the mold liquid and poured over the top and let cure. After pulling up the cured rubber, I now had an open face mold that I cut a slit in for the hook. What I was unsure of was, would a plastic mold hold molten lead? The answer was yes and I now had my first prototypes.

Boob Jigs - Early Jig Mold

Boob Jigs - Early Jig

Knowing these would sell as a novelty, I had also become convinced they would be a very fishable jig because of the way the jigs stood up when test jigging in the bath tub. Yes the bath tub. In fact at one point by future engineer son noted the jigs were tipping over too much because the nipples were too small. With a minor modification – we started creating jigs the stood nicely.

The next test was to fish them.  At the 2010 opener on Farm Island Lake in Minnesota, I began fishing around 6.00 a.m. with my father. Within 5 minutes I had my first BoobJig fish on a red jig with white nipples. A few minutes later another fish. After 30 minutes of watching me catch fish, my dad switched from a gumball jig to a red and white BoobJig and bam he had a fish. The rest of the weekend we caught more fish than everyone I came in contact with and everyone in the boat had a blast with coming up with slogans and playing with the name.

The Business was officially born. We patented the idea and attained a trademark and continued to manufacture ourselves until demand outgrew our capabilities at which point we established a relationship with a manufacturing company. Although we are a small tackle company at this point, demand and support for the product has been incredible and everyone catches fish on these wonderful standup jigs. For those that have been early adopters – Thank you!  And for those that are looking at the product – we would love to earn your business. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Howe