February 21, 2013

Colorado BoobJig Story

I wanted to share with you my first time using your product.  I have been going to an ice fishing contest with a group of guys in Kremmling, Colorado at Wolford Mountain Reservoir for the last several years. I saw your product from an e-mail from a fishing club I’m enrolled with.  I thought this would be a fun item to get and share with all my fishing friends, so I ordered a variety pack and waited for the contest.

About an hour into the contest I decided to bring out the fun and get a few laughs and smiles from the guys, and of course it worked.  About an hour later a nice lady with D.O.W. (she was a game warden) came by to check our licenses and after talking to her a few minutes. I thought it would be fun to give her one and see what her response would be. As soon as I showed her your product she was sold also – we had the best time talking and laughing about these. She took the one I gave her and quickly showed it to her other three co-workers in the area along with some of the other fishermen. WHAT FUN! After she left  I thought I would tie one on and see if you could actually catch a  fish with it. As you have seen, I caught a nice rainbow trout after just a few minutes. I would like to say it was the jig of choice but >> it wasn’t, we did catch a couple more but the fishing slowed way down about that time. NO PROBLEM! They WORKED!  The best and funnest part about the whole day was the D.O.W. gal I gave the jig to brought another one of her co-workers back to meet me about an hour after she had left the first time. I gave her co-worker one also and we had a great time just talking about your BOOB JIGS  and  the fun we can have with them. She said we were the talk of the lake!  I’m sure you will be getting orders from the Colorado area soon as  the news spreads! Thanks for a fun product that WILL catch fish!

Tod Biddle
Frederick, CO

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